Lesson Learnt: 3

Today I finally filled out my application for the ‘Project’. I won’t tell you (yet) what it is, only that it’s gonna take a lot of hard work, determination and support to achieve. This is the first phase and I’m praying that everything goes through smoothly. Above that, I have to balance out school work and other personal commitments. I am confident though that God will make a way.

Jesus, all for Jesus

All I am and have and ever hope to be.

All of my ambitions, hopes and plans

I surrender these into Your hands.

by Robin Mark

The journey begins here. It’s not going to be easy but I’m counting on God. I surrender all of my small plans and wait on God to show me His purpose(s) and to help me be committed to fulfilling it.

Lesson Learnt: Preparation

I found encouragement in drawing from four main points demonstrated by Queen Esther:

  • Esther took the time necessary to prepare herself.
  • She sought to please only one man.
  • Esther had a purpose greater than survival or self-interest.
  • She gave it her all.

*Edit: Thank you Brian Faust (sweet blog here) for making me do this 🙂

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Missionary with Cru serving in the Pacific Islands. Lover of boxing, history and adventure.

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