Mid-November Update

Hi everyone,

sorry for being absent from the blogosphere for a while. I now have only one paper left till I’m done with final school term for the year 2011. I can’t wait for it to be over and done with so that I can fully concentrate on raising support for IndyCC. So far the response has been good but I have to follow-up with people. There is still quite a way to go (financially) as each of us going has to raise FD$6000. So if you feel in your heart that you’d like to help please feel free to send a message so that I can forward you details on how you can do so.

I would also like to share that I have been chosen (alongside my good friend Biu – sick blog here) to attend a two week short film making workshop this December in Melbourne, Australia. This will be facilitated by the Global Short Film Network in partnership with Campus Crusade for Christ (Short Film School website).

I’m super excited! Thank you Student Life Fiji for this great opportunity.

The STINTers returned home last Sunday. Yep, back to the states. It’s been a blessing having them in uni. this year. And for me personally, I could say that I have learnt so much… especially form the guys (Dave, Rob and my discipler Brian). I really miss seeing them around the White Tables but I’m looking forward to visiting them in a few weeks time. Brian’s arranged for me to spend Christmas with his family in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Before I even leave for Australia and America. We’re having the Synergy Conference at the Suva Civic Centre on the second and third of December. Yes, I know so many things to look forward to this coming month.

My prayer is that above all the hype of conferences, travels and stuff. That I not lose focus of the main thing – Jesus. Before Brian left we were sharing about John 15 which speaks of the True Vine (Jesus). Often times we can get so caught up, focusing on the fruits that we forget that what we’re really suppose to be doing is staying connected to the vine which is the source of nutrients. We find ourselves trying to please God by doing good things, being involved in this and that and doing our best to avoid the “big sins”.  There’s nothing bad in that but you know when you’re connected to the vine, the fruits will come naturally. And trust me when I say that those fruits are infinitely more sweeter than any we could ever conjure up out of our own works.

So for me this month has been a hectic one: finalising assignments, preparing for exams, raising support, lodging visas, spending quality time with friends who will be leaving/ have left, and so much more. But God has always been faithful and he has always provided.

I’m excited for what he holds for me around the corner but right now I know I have to do my part and study for this final paper… sorry for the abrupt ending to this very brief update. (Our jouralism lecturer always told us that once we’ve run out of things to say to just stop writting.lol)

I hope you all have a blessed day. I’ll blog more once ‘m done with exams. 


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Missionary with Cru serving in the Pacific Islands. Lover of boxing, history and adventure.

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