America Trip Journal: Day 1

After a total of an estimated 25 hours of travel and transition I finally reached my destination – Cincinnati, Ohio. Home of the Cincinnati Bengals, Reds and Brian Faust (my good friend and discipler).   The Faust family has offered for me to stay with them until the Christmas Conference begins on the 28th of December and they’ve been eagerly anticipating my arrival. We drove in a little after 3am and after a quick bite and a much needed shower I was out like a light.

I awoke at 11am to a really beautiful day, the sun was out. Yahoo!

Brian’s parents had already left for work (so I wasn’t going to meet them until later in the day). Brian was downstairs on the computer and Sport Center was on television. It was weird watching HDTV especially for a FOB (island slang for someone who’s Fresh Off the Boat. lol) Stop it America, you’re making me embarrass myself.

Anyways, I sent a quick email to the folks back at home just assuring them that I’d safely reached Brian’s place safe and sound and that the journey had been good. Thank you to all the hard working folks for the coordination and travel arrangements. You’re a blessing.

At about 1pm we departed for Oxford to visit Miami University. The university whose Campus Crusade Ministry is in partnership with Student Life Fiji. On the way we stopped for lunch at Dent where we had Skyline Chili. I loved it! Skyline rocks! Wish you could have been here Joey.

Miami University is about a 45min drive from Brian’s place and it truly is a beautiful campus with red brick buildings complimenting the rich history of the prestigious institution established way back in 1809. It totally blows USP out of the water.

We spent quite a while just walking around and I enjoyed listening to Brian (Miami Alumni) talk about the buildings and what life was/is like as a student there. I got to see the Redhawks’ Goggin Ice Center (Ice hockey) and their very own Olympic size aquatic center. And yes, I got to see where the Miami team have their weekly fellowships. You guys are so blessed!

Later in the evening we heated up the barbey to grill some steak. Oh by the way on our way home we stopped over at Brian’s brother’s place (Brady) and he lent me a copy of Tim Tebow’s book; Through My Eyes. It’s been a great read so far. Inspirational. I love the dedication at the beginning of the book, it’s to all those who have been told that they couldn’t achieve their dreams. Vinaka Tebow. I hope I to meet you someday brother.

It’s been a blessing thus far experiencing America and getting to see our partners in ministry – Miami University (campus – I’m looking forward to meeting the students at IndyCC). Thank you again to everyone who’ve supported me. I am now just a week away from Christmas Conference and I’ve just been dumbfounded at the way God has opened doors to have me make it to the States. God Bless you all!

Most of all thank you Jesus. In you I will always hope.


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Missionary with Cru serving in the Pacific Islands. Lover of boxing, history and adventure.

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