Indianapolis here we come!

28th December, 2011

The day had finally come, ‘twas a bitter sweet moment though as I was excited about heading up to Indianapolis for Christmas conference but also saddened by the fact that I soon had to bid farewell to the Fausts who had been such wonderful hosts.

The night before, I joined them (and some of Brian’s cousins) at the bowling alley to somewhat celebrate Mrs Faust’s birthday. It was great seeing the whole family have fun. A memorable night, topped off with pizza at LaRosa’s.

And although my stay here in Cincinnati had only been a week I had grown fond of this place and family. So that day after a final visit to Cooper and Ellie, we finished loading up the car and came back in to say goodbye. I did my best to hold back the tears as I thanked Mr and Mrs Faust for their generosity and warm hospitality.

I had been truly blessed here.

I prayed that someday I would get the opportunity to return but until then – farewell Cincinnati.

Thus Brian and I began our journey North toward Indianapolis but not before stopping at Brady and Michelle’s (and Sophie’s) to pick up treats Michelle had prepared for us. Thanks Michelle – you’re the bomb!

It was a rather quiet drive to Indy although Brian and I did have some good conversation. I guess in between our talks and the switching of radio stations I kept trying to imagine what the conference would be like and what to expect.

We picked up Nina from the Indianapolis International Airport who had flown in from California. Nina had been staying with family up in Santa Rosa since her arrival. It was great seeing her but it was obvious she was really cold.

Within a few minutes we were in downtown Indianapolis and navigated to the newly renovated J.W Marriot. We had finally made it to IndyCC!

Praise the Lord!

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Missionary with Cru serving in the Pacific Islands. Lover of boxing, history and adventure.

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