When I started off as a graphic designer, I made it a habit to occasionally view other peoples work and try to draw inspiration from it. Art, whether it be drawings, paintings, photos, CAD, music… even graffiti were a source to quench this thirst for creativity. I found that a lot of my time on the internet was well, spent on researching… ‘inspiration’. There is just something about looking at what others have done with their talents and creative gifting and beginning to drawing your own ideas and styles from it. I find it quite healthy for the imagination.

Lately though, God has been showing me how to be inspired by more than just art and technology. Now this isn’t something new, it’s always been there and people talk about it all the time. I guess that being the type of person that I am, I’ve only begun to come about and really think about it and process it deeply.

I’m one of those weird people who like to start slow and then finish hard. In almost everything, work, the way I approach schoolwork, competition, etc. Maybe it’s the laidback Pacific Islander in me or the challenge of playing catch-up or just my natural ninja instincts to weigh out the opposition before taking them on. Lol. I dunno but it works for me.

The thing I’ve been really inspired by lately are PEOPLE. Now I know there have been millions of books written about inspirational people all over the world but I’m not talking about those famous people that altered the course of history. No, I’m talking about seeking inspiration in the lives of people closest to you. Your family and friends, workmates, schoolmates and people you encounter on a regular basis.


Have you ever stopped to ponder upon the things that you could learn from a brother, sister or close friend? What makes them unique? What are their passions? How do these glorify God? How does the way they approach life demonstrate what God’s been doing in their lives?

A few nights ago a close friend and I had to walk to our destination after missing a bus. We however made the most of this opportunity to share and encourage each other. Among the many things we discussed was the topic of “fears and dreams”. What were our biggest fears and greatest dreams? What was/is holding us back?

The one thing that really inspired me was finding out that our hearts were aligned toward a very special goal and that was finding our passions and using it to not only win the lost but bring glory to God through it. We both knew that we had a calling in media and a passion to do missionary work but we made it an objective to finish studies first. We wanted to lay the foundation by acquiring good education and discipline and then using everything we’ve learnt to achieve our goal. It may not be easy and it may take some time but whenever I see my friend, he inspires me to stay committed to the calling God has over my life and keep working towards it.

I love how the book of Samuel portrays the relationship Jonathan had with David. “He loved David as he loved his own soul”. Jonathan was there for David and he brought the best out of him. You see soon after he died things started to fall apart (sorta) for David. David had his terrible affair with Bathsheba. Then he lost the baby from this unholy union. A son raped a daughter. One son murdered another son. The murderer son then rebelled against his father, fought to take over the kingdom, and was soon killed in a battle against the forces of his own father. None of this happened to David while he had his friend. Could it be that it was Jonathan’s friendship that helped keep David right?

It’s a blessing to know the inspiration that is given by having a close friend. Such relationships can make me work harder, inspire me to study more, and even keep my life accountable and more dedicated to God. A true friend leads one to righteousness. A true friend enables his friend to become a better Christian. Such was the case with Jonathan and such should be the case with us.

Inspiring each other to fulfill our greatest dreams and holding us accountable to it.


Other things that have inspired me lately are:

The song ‘Beautiful things” by the band Gungor.


The epic tennis final at the Australian Open between Nadal and Djokovic that lasted 6hrs.


The preparation of the teams that will be playing in the Super Bowl this weekend.


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  1. Nice…now is this your most recent blog or do I have to go subscribing to another? Very had to keep track of you and Biu and blogs…lol

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