January in pictures

IBS training with the team conducted by Dr Ray Albrektson. We focused on Church History and Apologetics.

I got to make this funny scrapbook so that I could remember all 20 centuries of church history.

We had an awesome new years picnic at the park and got to know the STINTers and the rest of the team a lot better.

Not for a moment will He forsake you

“Every step, every breath You are there
Every tear, every cry, every prayer
In my hurt, at my worst, when my world falls down
Not for a moment will You forsake me”

A song I’ve been dwelling on this week [so timely – “kairos”]. It speaks of the constant faithfulness and goodness of God and the fact that He is Sovereign in every detail of our lives. I hope it encourages you as you set out on this new year. No matter what you go through this year, you can rest assured that He will not forsake you; not for a moment.
Happy New Year everyone. I pray God’s blessings over you.

Vanuatu Project 2013

[It’s been a year since I’ve last blogged. I miss Posterous 😦 ]

Over the semester-break I was fortunate enough to once again travel to the beautiful country of Vanuatu and share the gospel with an awesome team. Primarily we spent much of our time training the local students who were already a part of the Student Life (Campus Crusade) movement (as they currently operate without any full-time staff) but we also got to do evangelism on Emalus campus, the University of the South Pacific’s Law faculty.

Here’s a really short video of some of the things the team got up to.

Abba, I belong to you

I don’t know whether or not you do this but I often spend days on end meditating on a single worship song. Just listening to it over and over, while journaling, traveling or just waiting. Taking the words to heart and making it my prayer, yes really listening to the song instead of just hearing it.

Last week while in Vanuatu, the only thing I had playing while journaling was Jesus Culture’s cover of Keith Green’s modern hymn Oh Lord, You’re beautiful. We would have our trainings in the morning and at the end there would be a time to journal and reflect, I’d just pull out my earphones and begin writing as though my ponderings were laced with a backing track or movie score. And as the song is that of adoration, for me it was a timely reminder that when things are going well (especially in ministry); it’s not because of us but because of God and His provision through Jesus and the work of the Holy Spirit, our delight should be in bringing glory to His name. The focus should always be one Him. Continue reading Abba, I belong to you

I’m still alive!

Yes, I’ve been away for a while and if you live in the southern hemisphere (more specifically in a rugby loving country) you may have also guessed that I’m only blogging because there is no rugby on this week. Sadly, the Super Rugby season has come to an end and unfortunately my team (the Queensland Reds) had to bow out at the semi-final stages. The good news though is that international test matches for the south start next week. [*Yosh!] Go the Wallabies! lol

Anyways, this is just to let you know that I’m still alive; my uni work is coming along well and I’ve begun raising support for our mission trip to Vanuatu next month. I’ve kind of been passive for the last couple of weeks so this post is my way of challenging myself to get back into blogging/writing. Continue reading I’m still alive!

I wanna be more like You

Couldn’t help but bawl my eyes out as I felt God dealing with me while I listened to this song. It was the last night of conference and although I had come here with great expectations to encounter God; the pivotal moment for me wasn’t in the presence of other believers singing songs of praise and adoration. It wasn’t in the powerful and timely seminars that were shared and it was neither in the beautiful performances on stage nor in the fellowship of Christian brothers and sisters. For me that experience came long before Commissioning while in the hotel kitchen on the last night, alone; vulnerable before God saying, “Here I am Lord, use me. I wanna be more like you.”

I can’t begin to describe the moment but I had been dwelling on the song since the morning. I heard a friend playing it at sound check and it just stuck. Later that evening, I just felt God tugging on my heart. I walked into the kitchen and shut the door. Laid the phone on the table and as the song played, began praying and as if someone had opened a hydrant; started to bawl. A few minutes later, my best friend walks in and without a word, sits down next to me and begins bawling as well. Continue reading I wanna be more like You


When I started off as a graphic designer, I made it a habit to occasionally view other peoples work and try to draw inspiration from it. Art, whether it be drawings, paintings, photos, CAD, music… even graffiti were a source to quench this thirst for creativity. I found that a lot of my time on the internet was well, spent on researching… ‘inspiration’. There is just something about looking at what others have done with their talents and creative gifting and beginning to drawing your own ideas and styles from it. I find it quite healthy for the imagination.

Lately though, God has been showing me how to be inspired by more than just art and technology. Now this isn’t something new, it’s always been there and people talk about it all the time. I guess that being the type of person that I am, I’ve only begun to come about and really think about it and process it deeply. Continue reading Inspiration


Hey guys, sorry for the late updates. I took a week off since arriving back into the country last week. I’ll do my best to post up my blogs from IndyCC and the rest of the America trip this week. You can also checkout the pictures here: Photoblog.

Glory to God and may you all have a blessed New Year.



Edit: Been gripped once again by rugby fever. Sorry for the delay.

Outreach day: One of the many highlights of the IndyCC

30th December, 2011

Today was amazing! After an inspiring message from Bekele Shanko, which rocked everyone in the conference room. (A message which I will blog about later because I’m still kind of digesting everything he shared… so overwhelming) We went to a suburb just outside Indianapolis and had the opportunity to handout food packs to needy families and use that platform to share with them the 4 spiritual laws. It was outreach day and I was pumped. I didn’t really know what to expect and that’s what made it fun really. Knowing that God was going to move no matter what we encountered.

After our briefing and crash course in evangelism 101 – vinaka Mark Brown. Each campus was given directions to a local community church within Indianapolis to assist in outreach. We were so blessed to partner up with the students from Miami University and Tuxedo Park Baptist Church. Continue reading Outreach day: One of the many highlights of the IndyCC

Indianapolis here we come!

28th December, 2011

The day had finally come, ‘twas a bitter sweet moment though as I was excited about heading up to Indianapolis for Christmas conference but also saddened by the fact that I soon had to bid farewell to the Fausts who had been such wonderful hosts.

The night before, I joined them (and some of Brian’s cousins) at the bowling alley to somewhat celebrate Mrs Faust’s birthday. It was great seeing the whole family have fun. A memorable night, topped off with pizza at LaRosa’s.

And although my stay here in Cincinnati had only been a week I had grown fond of this place and family. So that day after a final visit to Cooper and Ellie, we finished loading up the car and came back in to say goodbye. I did my best to hold back the tears as I thanked Mr and Mrs Faust for their generosity and warm hospitality.

I had been truly blessed here.

I prayed that someday I would get the opportunity to return but until then – farewell Cincinnati.

Thus Brian and I began our journey North toward Indianapolis but not before stopping at Brady and Michelle’s (and Sophie’s) to pick up treats Michelle had prepared for us. Thanks Michelle – you’re the bomb!

It was a rather quiet drive to Indy although Brian and I did have some good conversation. I guess in between our talks and the switching of radio stations I kept trying to imagine what the conference would be like and what to expect.

We picked up Nina from the Indianapolis International Airport who had flown in from California. Nina had been staying with family up in Santa Rosa since her arrival. It was great seeing her but it was obvious she was really cold.

Within a few minutes we were in downtown Indianapolis and navigated to the newly renovated J.W Marriot. We had finally made it to IndyCC!

Praise the Lord!