Mission Projects

Every year teams made up of students and staff plan a week-long ‘Mission Project’ to different universities and tertiary institutions within Fiji and neighboring countries. This year our destinations included Suva, Nadi, Samoa and Tonga! TuMa joined the Tonga team while I joined the Nadi project team.

Nadi (FNU Namaka Campus)

by Judith

‘Overcoming our faith barriers’, a challenge from the June Voyagers Conference was what the students took with them as they set out to meet new students and share with them the Good News of Jesus Christ.
Nadi Team.

For some, raising funds for the mission trip was a faith barrier they overcame, and others simply sharing the gospel to strangers was beyond them. Some students shared that stepping out of their cultural comfort zones and sharing with ethnic Indian students (most of whom are either Hindu or Muslim) was something they never dreamt of doing; even though nearly half the population of Fiji are of Indian descent.

Here’s what Mesa (a student) writes:
The sharing was exciting and they were really intrigued as what we were sharing. I have felt that I just conquered one of my greatest challenges. What motivated me the most was that early the next morning, while we were still having our training, I received a  text from one of the Hindu friends saying that he was really motivated by our sharing and that he was thankful about it. He was thinking of making a really big “change” in his life. I was really inspired by this and this boosted my willingness to go out and reach more, touch more lives and save more souls for Christ.

Praise the Lord for just enough students on the Namaka campus for the project students to not only focus on their comfort-zone iTaukei but also our ethnic Indian brothers and sisters.

Another student, Pita, shared that his faith barrier was not ‘stranger oriented’ but in sharing with an old friend from high-school. One whom he used to get up to a lot of mischief with back in the days. This was of course, if the Lord allowed their paths to meet again in Nadi.

Our last day on campus ended with a combine fellowship and a game of touch and volleyball with the Namaka students. This was it, Pita thought, but just as he got onto the playing field, he spotted his old mate on the sideline and knew instantly the tugging on his heart was an indication to quit the game, go over and say hi. The ‘hi’ turned into a late lunch catch-up and gospel presentation by Pita, to his friends’ surprise. Pita was honored that day to be the Lord’s vessel in leading his old mate to Christ.

Recreational time with the Nadi team after Project.


Tonga Missions Project

by TuMa
What a great blessing to join Sai and a team of 11 students to the beautiful Kingdom of Tonga. We were just blown away by the hospitality and friendship. God is working mightily in the Kingdom. At this point I should point out that we currently have no full-time staff in Tonga and the students go out of their way to organise weekly gatherings with other Christian fellowships.
“It’s not about the label; Navigators, or Cru, or CF. When we gather on Mondays for our Connexion on campus, it’s just a group of believers that want to worship God together”.
During our time there the team was able to share with students at USP and Tupou Tertiary Institute. We had a total of 120 spiritual conversations and 70 gospel presentations over the course of the week.
The team at Tupou Tertiary Institute.
My favourite part of the project was just building relationship with the students leaders in Tonga. Many of whom were sacrificing their time and money to be with the team that week. They joined us for our trainings every morning and accompanied us on outreaches to schools and churches and team retreats. We also had a fellowship meeting at Tupou Tertiary Institute where I got to share a bit about the Holy Spirit and living the Spirit Filled Life.
I’ve really felt the presence of God while being a part of the outreach and trainings this week. My parents try to discourage me from coming, they don’t really understand the reason why I’m doing what I’m doing but that’s okay.  I know this is what God’s called me to do and I know it pleases Him. That’s all that matters.
Here’s Tasi singing “Ulo mai ho’o maama” as we farewell our Tongan friends at the airport. I swear this clip makes me tear up everytime.

Overall Mission Projects Stats

467 exposed to the Gospel

  • Suva – 53
  • Nadi – 144
  • Tonga – 120
  • Samoa – 150

365 presentations of the “Knowing God Personally” booklet.

162 decisions to follow Christ.


Vanuatu Project 2013

[It’s been a year since I’ve last blogged. I miss Posterous 😦 ]

Over the semester-break I was fortunate enough to once again travel to the beautiful country of Vanuatu and share the gospel with an awesome team. Primarily we spent much of our time training the local students who were already a part of the Student Life (Campus Crusade) movement (as they currently operate without any full-time staff) but we also got to do evangelism on Emalus campus, the University of the South Pacific’s Law faculty.

Here’s a really short video of some of the things the team got up to.


Hey guys, sorry for the late updates. I took a week off since arriving back into the country last week. I’ll do my best to post up my blogs from IndyCC and the rest of the America trip this week. You can also checkout the pictures here: Photoblog.

Glory to God and may you all have a blessed New Year.



Edit: Been gripped once again by rugby fever. Sorry for the delay.

Outreach day: One of the many highlights of the IndyCC

30th December, 2011

Today was amazing! After an inspiring message from Bekele Shanko, which rocked everyone in the conference room. (A message which I will blog about later because I’m still kind of digesting everything he shared… so overwhelming) We went to a suburb just outside Indianapolis and had the opportunity to handout food packs to needy families and use that platform to share with them the 4 spiritual laws. It was outreach day and I was pumped. I didn’t really know what to expect and that’s what made it fun really. Knowing that God was going to move no matter what we encountered.

After our briefing and crash course in evangelism 101 – vinaka Mark Brown. Each campus was given directions to a local community church within Indianapolis to assist in outreach. We were so blessed to partner up with the students from Miami University and Tuxedo Park Baptist Church. Continue reading Outreach day: One of the many highlights of the IndyCC

Indianapolis here we come!

28th December, 2011

The day had finally come, ‘twas a bitter sweet moment though as I was excited about heading up to Indianapolis for Christmas conference but also saddened by the fact that I soon had to bid farewell to the Fausts who had been such wonderful hosts.

The night before, I joined them (and some of Brian’s cousins) at the bowling alley to somewhat celebrate Mrs Faust’s birthday. It was great seeing the whole family have fun. A memorable night, topped off with pizza at LaRosa’s.

And although my stay here in Cincinnati had only been a week I had grown fond of this place and family. So that day after a final visit to Cooper and Ellie, we finished loading up the car and came back in to say goodbye. I did my best to hold back the tears as I thanked Mr and Mrs Faust for their generosity and warm hospitality.

I had been truly blessed here.

I prayed that someday I would get the opportunity to return but until then – farewell Cincinnati.

Thus Brian and I began our journey North toward Indianapolis but not before stopping at Brady and Michelle’s (and Sophie’s) to pick up treats Michelle had prepared for us. Thanks Michelle – you’re the bomb!

It was a rather quiet drive to Indy although Brian and I did have some good conversation. I guess in between our talks and the switching of radio stations I kept trying to imagine what the conference would be like and what to expect.

We picked up Nina from the Indianapolis International Airport who had flown in from California. Nina had been staying with family up in Santa Rosa since her arrival. It was great seeing her but it was obvious she was really cold.

Within a few minutes we were in downtown Indianapolis and navigated to the newly renovated J.W Marriot. We had finally made it to IndyCC!

Praise the Lord!

America Trip Journal: Christmas Day

I know, I know its well into the first week of the New Year and I’m just beginning to tell you about my Christmas weekend. But I must say I have a genuine excuse – IndyCC. More about that later.

So as you may have been reading I made it safely to America (home of the brave) and for the past few days been with the Faust family. I’ve been so blessed here and spending Christmas with the Fausts has truly been one of the most memorable yet.

It began with a Christmas Eve dinner at Brian’s uncle’s place which was later topped off with a game of Tripoley. A card game that’s a mixture of poker, rummy and something else. Lol. It was fun. Later we attended the 11pm Christmas service at Brian’s church – Whitewater Crossing Christian Church. James preached. Continue reading America Trip Journal: Christmas Day

America Trip Journal: Day 4

Merry Christmas everyone.

What a blessing it is to here in America and experience what Christmas is like. There’s been so much going on that I really haven’t been able to set aside time to commit to blogging. Brian has been such a fantastic host taking me to all the places he said he would when we were back in Fiji. Yep, especially the restaurants. I love it!

Thursday was quite rainy here in Cincinnati. It rained for pretty much the rest of the day after we had lunch with James at Chipotle. James is one of the pastors at Brian’s church and he looks after missions. It was great getting to know him and talking about the work Brian’s been doing throughout the year to impact students in Fiji. Continue reading America Trip Journal: Day 4

America Trip Journal: Day 1

After a total of an estimated 25 hours of travel and transition I finally reached my destination – Cincinnati, Ohio. Home of the Cincinnati Bengals, Reds and Brian Faust (my good friend and discipler).   The Faust family has offered for me to stay with them until the Christmas Conference begins on the 28th of December and they’ve been eagerly anticipating my arrival. We drove in a little after 3am and after a quick bite and a much needed shower I was out like a light.

I awoke at 11am to a really beautiful day, the sun was out. Yahoo! Continue reading America Trip Journal: Day 1

America Trip Journal

Morning folks,

Adonia and I got into America safe and sound yesterday at about noon. It was a smooth flight and transition throughout the whole trip, we touched down in Columbus Ohio at about 12.30am. The stinters: Brian, Kori and Jenny were there to receive and welcome us at the airport. From there Adonia went with the girls and Brian and I drove down to Cincinnati which is about a two and a half hour drive south of Columbus.

It’s been great thus far and we just want to thank you all for your support and prayers. Looking forward to experiencing America and the upcoming IndyCC.

Thanks for all the support and God bless, more updates soon.