But make sure that you don’t get so absorbed and exhausted in taking care of all your day-by-day obligations that you lose track of the time and doze off, oblivious to God. The night is about over, dawn is about to break. Be up and awake to what God is doing! God is putting the finishing touches on the salvation work he began when we first believed. We can’t afford to waste a minute, must not squander these precious daylight hours in frivolity and indulgence, in sleeping around and dissipation, in bickering and grabbing everything in sight. Get out of bed and get dressed! Don’t loiter and linger, waiting until the very last minute. Dress yourselves in Christ, and be up and about!

Romans 13: 11-14 MSG

These past weeks have really been very hectic and demanding as I was preparing this month’s issue of Ignited, I couldn’t help but keep my headphones glued to my ears; not only to drown out the noises around me but also the ones in my head. A song that is currently being repeated in one of my playlists is the title track on Citipointe Live’s latest album, Devoted. It has become my new anthem. The song begins with this line, “I’m losing my whole life, in your purpose and for your heart’s desire…” This I suppose is what Paul was talking about in 2 Corinthians 5:15 where he states. “And He died for all that they which live should not… live unto themselves but unto Him which died for them”. In other words he is saying that Jesus doesn’t often ask us to DIE for Him. He asks that we LIVE for Him. Continue reading DEVOTED